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I read for you


My name is Klara. Since childhood I have been accompanied by various types of cards. First they were classic. I did solitaire for pleasure. After some time I began to see patterns, answers to questions. I usually did it for myself. Once the solitaire ceased to be only solitaire, and became the Read, it became more useful. Much later I met tarot and various kinds of oracles. I have over 20 decks and I read all of them. Of course not at the same time ;)
Also something as mundane as dice, beads, shells is suitable for enriching the reading.

Middia Ezo Art

I’m an intuitive reader. Although I have read several books about cards,  the impression is always first.

I rarely ask about the future. It is more unmarked, the further we want to look. I ask how it is now. I ask how could it be in the future if I do This or That.
I do not ask what to do. I decide on this.

Over all I am convinced that almost every answer is already written in us. In our subconscious. You just have to get it out.
And the cards just do it. They are like the Rorschach test.

If you accept my look at the cards as the tool, I can tell you something about you and show you your capabilities. The rest belongs to you.

I do not answer questions like:
– What should I do?
– Does she betray me?
– Does he love me?
– Does a work colleague say lies about me?
– When will I get a job?
– When will I move?
– What am I sick?
– When will I be happy?

How does my reading for you look like?

Reading online
– You ask a question. Do not worry if you do not know how to ask it.
– I’m evaluating whether it is well asked and I suggest how to build it better
– If we agree on the form of question / questions and prices, you pay a fixed amount by Paypal
– I pull cards, I read, I think ;)
– I send the photo with the spread and description by mail, Facebook, Skype as we agreed. On agreed time

Also I offer a card and IYKO scripts/charms
If you want to improve some area of your life, a set of symbols in the image of your smartphone wallpaper can be helpful
Or in the form of printed wallet card, a picture on the wall

For reading and other matters you can write to me using the following channels

Skype: middia.net
Facebook www.facebook.com/middiaezoart

Middia Ezo Art

Price examples:
Half hour reading – 14 euros
One hour reading – 22 euros
One question / one spread or charm – 8 euros

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